Adidas reports promising growth in the outdoor industry and plans to expand

Adidas outdoor

Adidas renewed its commitment to the outdoor industry just about 3 years ago. Now the world’s second-largest sporting goods maker is getting excited about outdoor gear.

According to Rolf Reinschmidt, the senior vice president and head of global outdoor unit, outdoor gear “has bee on of the fastest growing categories within the Adidas group in 2010 and that trend is clearly expected to continue.

They’ve not even entered the US market yet which is expected to be $10 billion of annual sales.

Imagine Adidas sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents and backpacking packs. The market will likely have high expectations for Adidas.

Calgary Outdoor Expo and Festival This Weekend

It’s going to be an exciting weekend in Calgary because two domes near McMahon Stadium will turn into an “extravaganza of fun for people who like to play outside”.

The event will feature 60 self-propelled outdoor activity retailers, outfitters and product brand exhibitors; family-friendly outdoor activity skills workshop, demonstrations and presentations; two climbing walls; cross country ski track complete with demonstration skis, boots and biathlon-mimicking laser shooting; the Outdoor Gear Swap where deal-seekers can check out more than a thousand new and used gear and clothing; and the annual Reel Rock Film Festival’s six climbing short films.

For more information about the Calgary Outdoor Expo and Festival and other events, go to

Most Innovative Outdoor Gear Over The Last 50 Years

When I saw the announcement at about the Readers Choice Outdoor Innovations 50/50 award, I started thinking. Which one should it be? It’s not as easy as I thought.

While there are plenty of innovations in the outdoor industry but most of them are just minor. Lighter materials, fancy features, more comfort and better efficiency are all great but it’s not the level of innovation I’m looking for. The latest camping mattress like Exped’s SynMat 7 UL, may be lighter, more robust and packs smaller but the innovation to me is still small. I want to nominate something with a WOW factor. Innovations in outdoor gear, I thought, is not that great after all.

Other questions came to mind. Do I choose the ones that started the innovation or the ones that improved on it? Why 50 years? How could something NOT in the last 2 years (or even the last year) win on innovation?

This is really difficult. Maybe I should start listing out all the backpacking and camping gear categories and choose a few products in each that qualify as “innovative”. This is going to take a lot of work.

I’m starting to think about the problems I have when I’m in the outdoors and which gear could solve that problem. I think if I spend enough time on this I might just invent some new outdoor. I need a break…

I went outside for a smoke break and decided that I need some coffee when it suddenly came to me. People have probably been dealing with crap camping coffee for the most part of the last 50 years. The one thing that made me go WOW when I first saw it was Mypressi. I didn’t know about Handpresso until a few days later and it was probably the first portable espresso maker of its kind but Mypressi makes better espresso so there you go. I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to nominate Mypressi.

And to think that I was just about to go through some tents, sleeping bags, camping mats, camping stoves, etc and list out the ones that are the most innovative in each category and then painstakingly pare down to the one gear I would think is the most innovative.

I don’t know about you but I’m going over to right now for my nomination. I don’t really care if I win but it would certainly be interesting to see which gear won in November.


You can actually put up to 3 outdoor gear for nomination.