Have You Tried Running on Water Yet?

It was a marketing stunt by the shoe company Hi-Tec that gave them a lot of attention after the video was launched. This of course is a good thing (for them) even though the company later had to admit that it was all a hoax – a well intended one. Here’s part of the press release that attempted an explanation to what they were trying to do:

“We wanted to create a piece of entertainment around our hydrophobic footwear and get people talking and thinking about the brand differently.  The idea was to take a traditional form of marketing and totally turn it around on its head, in the process of capturing the fun spirited side of our brand.  The reaction to the viral has surpassed all expectations; with people all over the world debating whether this could indeed be possible or not and even trying to do their own Liquid Mountaineering.  We’ve seen a number of entertaining attempts appear on YouTube and other places on the Web.

“After the initial buzz and well over 4 million views on YouTube to date, we thought it was finally time to come clean and unveil to the world that Hi-Tec were behind the viral.  Whilst our shoes have some amazing liquid repellency features, even we still can’t walk on water…it was all a well intended hoax.”

Here’s the video which has now attracted more than 8 million views on YouTube:

Here’s a great compliment to the video above (they call it hydro-sprinting instead – pretty hilarious):