Some Camping Tips from The Cabin

It’s good to pick up camping tips from a number of sources. Here are some from

  • Arrive early if you’re going to camp in an unfamiliar area
  • Do whatever you can to prepare for the camping trip at home
  • Use two door mats – one inside and one outside the tent or camper
  • Take several trash bags
  • Pre-mix and pre-measure foods and recipe ingredients at home
  • Large zip-closing bags can be useful at camp for mixing ingredients and making pancakes
  • Main courses and whole meals can be prepared at home and frozen for quick heat-and-eat meals
  • Take two coolers
  • Take two stoves – a single-burner stove in addition to a double-burner camp stove
  • Use a large plastic bag as a liner for your pack
  • Make your own solar camping shower
  • Lantern mantles are much easier to tie onto the burner tube when tied onto a thumb or index finger first
  • Spread your wet clothes or sleeping bags over a large rock in the sun to dry them quickly
  • Make sure all your camping gear are dry before storing them
  • Set up your camp in the backyard as soon as you get home from a camping trip

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